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2022 Sub-sales Record High

Mar 14, 2023
The total sub-sales in the private residential market of Singapore real estate industry rose in 2022 to their ...
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New Private Home Sales Soar

Feb 14, 2023
The sales momentum for new private home sales, which excludes executive condominiums, had soared to all time high ...
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Rental Increase 2Q2022

Sep 07, 2022
Private properties of the high-end non-landed category saw a surge of approx. 8% in its monthly rents for ...
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August BTO Results

Aug 07, 2022
There is total 36,136 applications submitted for the Built-To-Order exercise for August 2022.  There are in total 4,993 ...
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Sky Bungalow

Jul 08, 2022
A new collection of duplex residences at luxury development Midtown Modern. Dubbed the Sky-Bungalow Collection has been unveiled ...
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Investment Inflow Ranking

Jun 08, 2022
Singapore, the prime hub of affluence of Asia, continues to be an attractive investment haven for millionaires mainly ...
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May 10, 2022
In a move seen by analysts as targeting the super or ultra wealthy, Singapore has imposed extra property ...
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Broad Base Recovery

Apr 18, 2022
A broad-based recovery in the Singapore real estate market with record improvement in data metrics show in most ...
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Heightened Investor Confidence

Mar 09, 2022
The investment environment in Asia Pacific has received much investor confidence for real estate investment going by the ...
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February 2022 BTO

Feb 24, 2022
Build-to-Order (BTO) exercise in February 2022 has overwhelming of oversubscribing for 3,953 new units with 24,748 applicants vying ...
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Highest Quarterly increase since Q2 2010

Jan 24, 2022
Private residential properties prices had increased by 5% in Q4 2021 in comparison with Q3 2021 of 1.1% ...
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Change to the LTV limit

Dec 24, 2021
The Singapore government has set a loan-to-value (LTV) limit for housing loans primarily to protect homebuyers from over-borrowing. ...
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