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August BTO Results

Posted by on August 7, 2022
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There is total 36,136 applications submitted for the Built-To-Order exercise for August 2022.  There are in total 4,993 residential units released in this HDB launch.  There was approx. 27,000 applications received for the last Built-To-Order exercise of 4,583 units launch in the May.  This registers an increase of approx. 30%.  The increase in the number of applications may be a likely result of the Built-To-Order launches gaining popularity among the Singaporeans who see such Built-To-Order schemes as an entitlement being citizens as well as these units are well affordable.  In addition, in view of the rising costs of building housing projects which cause the prices of private properties to increase and also the increase in the HDB resale market, the demand thus increases.   The highest number of applications are in the mature estate in larger four-rooms and five-rooms category.

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